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Sensory Software.

Sensory software logoSensory software is the driving force behind some of the world's most advanced communication aids. Sensory software also produce software for people with dyslexia and spelling difficulties, and for switch training.

Assist-I.T. are recommended trainers for Sensory software products (literacy and dyslexia and The Grid )in Scotland.

To arrange a free demonstration of Sensory software's literacy and dysxlexia products (including the Grid) or a training session get in touch with Assist-I.T.:email or phone: 0771 704 2670.

Literacy and Dysleixa

Sensory software produce a range of innovative literacy support software some of which can be found below:


AllwriteAllWrite is an accessible word processor that features many of the tools you find in popular word processors, including changing fonts, inserting pictures, spell-checking and printing.

In addition to the standard features, there are a number of accessability options, making AllWrite accessible to people who have difficulty reading or writing.




Assists typing with word completion, spelling support, speech and symbols. ProtoType is a program designed to help you with your typing in two ways:

Prototype prediction

Prototype with sympols

Creating sentences and text
ProtoType is used to type text into other programs such as a word processor or email software, helping you to get the sentences right before they get to your main program.

You type into ProtoType, and when the text is correct you send it to the main application.


Reader reads aloud text from the screen, and offers large print. Each time some text is copied to the clipboard in a Windows program, Reader will speak it aloud.


Reader can display the text in large print, highlighting the words that are read to make it easy to follow. Reader can also display symbols when speaking words.

Reader reads symbols!

Reader symbols

If you have a symbol library installed, Reader can display symbols next to the words. Reader is supplied with indexes for the Widgit Rebus and Mayer-Johnson PCS symbols, and you can easily assign a picture to a word.

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The Grid 2

The Grid 2 is the ultimate package for communication and computer control and includes switch accessible features such as email, SMS, internet, word processing, and music - within a universally accessible program.

The Grid 2

The Grid 2 has been designed to be universally accessible. It can be used by people with a wide range of physical difficulties, taking control with a mouse, touchscreen, head pointer, switches and other access methods.

The Grid 2 is used to create powerful communication systems for people with no speech or limited speech. There is full support for symbols users and The Grid 2 comes with a high quality voices for voice output communication.

To find out more about The Grid 2 select this link

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Free utilities

Sensory software also offer a number of free downloadable software, for example the Dwell Clicker allowing a mouse, trackball or headpointer to be used without the need to press buttons.

To download Dwell Clicker and other great free utilities select this link

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SmartBox supply systems that enable people with disabilities to communicate and to access computers.

To find out more about Smartbox and communication devices visit the Assist I.T. AAC section

Select this link to visit the Smartbox web site.

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