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TAG logoTAG Learning offer a range of ICT solutions, including the Digital Movie Creator and Inspiration mind mapping for visual learning.

Assist-I.T. are recommended resellers and trainers for TAG products in Scotland.

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Bring your learning to life with the Digi Blue video camera.

Digital Blue A brand new version of the award winning Digital Blue; Digital Movie Creator entry level video camera now offering improved video and still image resolution; colour LCD preview screen; an expandable memory and DV out port.

The camera also comes complete with an Unlimited School Site Licence for an improved and very intuitive piece of video editing software; which now boasts increased network functionality; backwards compatibility with the Digital Movie Creator 2; a more extensive range of video file type compatibilities and an expanded range of UK sample video clips and still images.

The Digi Blue is a great tool for capturing video and using in MS Word or PowerPoint - visit the Tutorial section to find out more.

It is an invaluable tool creating digital portfolios - to find out about creating digital portfolios select this link

Features and Benefits include

1) Capture evidence of learners ’ activities and projects.

2) Add video and sounds to multimedia and web-based presentations.

3) Reinforce and explore ideas from different perspectives through digital video.

4) Create stop frame animations to tell stories or explain processes.

5) Develop pupils’ collaborative skills through the context of making a movie.

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Now Out: Version 8 with mind mapping (new), diagram and outline viewMind map example

New Great Value Site Licences Now Available!
Using Inspiration students build visual diagrams such as concept maps, mind maps and other diagrams to develop strong thinking and organisational skills and thus improve their academic performance and creativity across the curriculum.

Inspiration can be used right across the curriculum in all subjects to help develop thinking skills and structure projects, research or essays. Inspiration is interactive whiteboard enabled, offering handwriting and shape recognition and synchronises with Inspiration for Handhelds.

To download the latest version of Inspiration click here

Assist I.T. are recommended trainers and suppliers for Inspiration - to find out more visit the Inspiration tutorial section.